Going Global Post-Graduation

Many national Scholarships and Fellowships require nomination from Wesleyan faculty and staff. As Associate Director of Fellowships, Internships and Exchanges, Kate Smith is a resource to interested applicants and supports them throughout the process. If you are interested in considering or applying to one of these fellowships, please click here to schedule an appointment with Kate to begin the process.

In addition to university nominated fellowships, there are a number of international opportunities that allow graduates to work, live and learn abroad. additionally, there are fellowships that do not require nomination and offer a wide range of professional opportunities from teaching to global health and more to consider abroad after graduation.

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Fellowship News

Mitchell Scholar Treuhaft-Ali ’17 Will Continue Theater Studies in Ireland

Next spring, May Treuhaft-Ali ’17 will graduate from Wesleyan with a degree in theater, but that won’t be her final curtain call. As a Mitchell Scholar, Treuhaft-Ali will have the opportunity to advance her studies on theater and performance at Trinity College in Dublin. The George J. Mitchell Scholarship Program is a nationally competitive award…

Ishiguro Awarded Research Fellowship to Study Acehnese Dance

Ethnomusicology PhD candidate Maho Ishiguro MA ’12 was honored at the 2016 Society of Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting with the Nadia and Nicholas Nahumck Fellowship for her research titled “Seudati and the Social Contestation of Female Dance in Aceh, Indonesia.” The award is given to help support research on a dance-related subject and its subsequent publication, and…

Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Begin 2-Year Research Projects in Michigan, Washington

Five Doris Duke Conservation Scholars spent the past summer researching sustainability, environmental justice and policy, agriculture, water ecology and ecosystem productivity. As Doris Duke Scholars, Kelly Lam ’19, Gabby Vargas ’18, Emily Murphy ’18, Olivia Won ’18 and Ryan Nelson ’19 received two summer experiential learning and research opportunities at the University of Michigan and the…

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