Visiting International Scholars

International visitors regularly come to campus for a few days or for a full year. Below are helpful resources to help you plan your arrival, organize accommodation and familiarize guests with Middletown as well as Wesleyan. The University has a helpful Visitor's Guide to get you started.

  • Accommodation

    Wesleyan University recommends for visitors a number of possible locations for accommodation. For more details, please visit the university webpage on Area Lodging. Wesleyan University also manages on campus housing options for faculty and staff. This is for longer term visitors. For more information, please visit the Wesleyan Rental Properties webpage.

    Listings for non-university housing can be found posted through the Wesleyan Classifieds website: More posting are also avilable through Craigslist, which is an open source tool for both renters and land lords to post individual rooms or apartments for rent on a short-term or long-term basis.

    Graduate students from the Office of Graduate Student Services (OGSS) created a wonderful resource for all students, staff and faculty. Click here to access a resource document that includes helpful resources for local retaurants, grocery, pharmacy, banks and more.

  • Cultural Events & Programming
    Wesleyan University hosts numerous events, concerts, lectures, and programs. For a comprehensive calendar, please visit the Wesleyan University Master Calendar. Events are also featured by department and within specific centers, such as the Center for the Arts.
  • Faculty Resources
    Wesleyan offers support as well as many opportunities for career development. For more information on resources and support to faculty at Wesleyan, please click here. Visiting faculty also typically receive support from their host department, which might provide an orientation and opportunities to connect with colleagues.
  • Traveling to Campus & Local Transit

    For directions to campus, is it best to refer this university resource that outlines the many routes and options.

    When planning your trip to campus from a local airport (including JFK International in New York City, NY or BDL in Hartford, CT) many travelers use CT Limo as a mode of transportation. Travelers are welcome to take a cab or other car service as well, but please be aware of costs.

    For those arriving from EWR International in Newark, NJ, travelers can use the Amtrak Train to travel directly from the Newark Airport to New Haven, CT. Those traveling from New Haven to Middletown, often take a cab or use another car service. For other local transportation options, please visit this university resource for Area Transportation.