CSPL 493 Notes for International Students

Before considering or accepting an off-campus internship, whether paid or unpaid, you must complete the following steps and receive authorization for Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Note that your internship must relate to your major(s) at Wesleyan, and that your student visa limits weekly off-campus employment during the fall or spring semester to 20 hours. You must complete these steps in addition to the standard process for receiving credit for an academic internship. 

  1. Meet with Janice Watson, Coordinator for International Student Services, in North College Room 123, and let her know your plan to enroll in CSPL 493.
  2. Obtain an internship offer.
  3. Visit the CSPL493 Timeline & Process to initiate your enrollment.
  4. Have your internship employer or supervisor to fill out the Internship Description Form and submit a scanned copy to Kate Smith. Please note that you will not be enrolled in CSPL 493 until both your Student Information (found on the CSPL493 Timeline & Process webpage) and Internship Description Form are received and reviewed.
  5. Provide evidence (a copy of your Academic History with CSPL 493 listed) to Ms. Watson of your registration for CSPL 493. She will complete the paperwork for your CPT authorization, which should come through in approximately 10 working days.
  6. Give your I-20 and CPT authorization to your employer.

Questions about CPT as an international student? Please contact Janice Watson, Coordinator for International Student Services.

Questions about CSPL493? Please contact Kate Smith, Associate Director of Fellowships, Internships & Exchanges in the Center for Global Studies.