Services for faculty

For information about requesting any of the following services, please contact Sergei Bunaev at, or, 860-685-3387. All services are provided in compliance with intellectual property and copyright laws, which assumes use of materials for instructional purposes.

Equipment checkout

- Digitization of movie segments.  Source: DVDs, VHS tapes, DV tapes or Video CDs.
(Guidelines for submission: 7-10 days prior to the requested delivery date)

- Digitization of audio materials. Source: audio CDs or audio tapes.

- Video tape conversion from international to NTSC format.

- Digital audio recording in the LRC recording studio and delivery via web or CD. (listen to sample)

- Training for using multimedia equipment and software in Fisk Hall, Downey House and Romance Languages Department classrooms

- Videotaping of classes, guest speakers and student presentations

- Orientations for use of LRC equipment and software

- Moodle training

- Development of interactive multimedia materials for instructional, testing or practice use. (view sample)

- Film screenings for classes in Fisk multimedia classrooms.

- Purchase of language related instructional software and audio and video materials as well as some limited language specific hardware

- Loan out audio-visual equipment such as video camera or digital audio recorder