Choosing a Study Abroad Semester

Reasons to study abroad Spring Semester:

Reasons to study abroad Fall Semester:

  • Many schools, especially in Europe, recommend spring study abroad because the weather is much better
  • In northern destinations, there is much more daylight in the spring
  • Many schools have spring break, which is a great opportunity to travel
  • Enjoy New England’s gorgeous fall and be gone by the time winter hits
  • More compatible academic calendars
  • Ability to travel all summer directly after your study abroad
  • GRS: being on-campus in fall means a greater chance of getting first-choice housing
  • Participate in a summer language program before your program begins
  • Participate in spring events on campus

Things to consider when choosing a semester for study abroad:

    • Timing of mandatory major courses at Wesleyan
    • Sports practice/game schedules
    • Weather, events, and festivals at your study abroad destination

Regardless of which semester you choose, you WILL BE ABLE TO:

    • Register regularly for next semester’s classes online
    • Apply and interview for internships