Associated Colleges in China Program (Beijing) 
Summer, fall, or full year. Requires at least Chinese 104 or the equivalent (students who have not gone beyond 104 must participate in the summer program. This is an intensive language program hosted by Minzu University.

CET Academic Program in China (Beijing or Harbin. Student must meet with Professor Zhu to determine which location best suits their language skills.)
Summer, fall, spring, or full year.  Requires at least Chinese 104 or the equivalent.  This is an intensive language program designed for advanced or advanced-intermediate students with research interests in China, and allows for independent study.

Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies (Beijing)
Summer, fall, spring, or full year.  Requires at least Chinese 218 or the equivalent and permission of Asian Language & Literatures Dept.  This is an intensive language programhosted by Tsinghua University.

C.V. Starr - Middlebury School in China (Beijing, Hangzhou, and Kunming)
Fall, spring, or full year.  Requires four semesters of college-level Chinese; five preferred, and applicants must be taking Chinese in the semester of application.  Language and content courses.

We list below some academic strengths for each university; this does NOT mean that other departments at a given institution are not strong, or that you will not find those disciplines elsewhere.  You can find good literature and history courses at most of these universities.

Capital Normal University (Beijing):  Arts, ECON, GOVT
Yunnan University (Kunming):  ANTH, social sciences, ENVS/COE
Zhejiang University of Technology (Hangzhou):  Humanities, HIST, RELI


Antioch University Buddhist Studies (Burmese Vihar Monastery, Bodh Gaya)
Fall only.  Intense thematic program focused on Buddhism; Hindi or Tibetan language study, independent study, courses in religion, anthropology, Asian history. Especially strong for religion majors

Middlebury School in India based at St. Stephen’s College and Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR), both of which are part of the larger University of Delhi. Female students may pursue classes at either of the two colleges, while men will study at St. Stephen's. The two colleges are world renowned, and preeminent institutions of higher education in India, with offerings in the humanities, social sciences, and physical sciences. Fall and Spring

The language of instruction at the colleges is English, so there are no language pre-requisites at the School in India. However, all students will study Hindi while studying abroad.

School for International Training - India: National Identity and the Arts (Delhi)
Fall or spring. Hindi and Tamil language and possibly French, life and culture, independent study. Program visits Delhi and Varanasi, Bodhgaya as well as Kolkata (Calcutta).

University of Wisconsin-Madison College Year in India (Varanasi/Madurai) 
Summer (in Madison, studying Hindi) plus fall or full year.  Regional studies and language program, includes homestay, independent study. A program for highly motivated students who know what they wish to achieve during the year.


*Associated Kyoto Program*
Fall, Spring or Full year only. Requires at least Japanese 104 or the equivalent, plus 1 course about Japan. Language and area studies, homestay. ARHA, HIST. For details, see OIS staff or Naho Maruta.
Reserve programs: (students must get permission from Naho Maruta)

IES - Nanzan University (Nagoya) 
Fall or spring. Wesleyan requires at least Japanese 104 or the equivalent. Language and area studies, some studio art, homestay.

International Christian University (Tokyo)
Full year only. Wesleyan requires at least Japanese 104 or the equivalent. Language, Japanese studies, social sciences. Restricted to students needing major courses not offered through AKP

Kansai Gaidai University (Hirakata)
Fall, spring, or full year.  Wesleyan requires at least Japanese 104 or the equivalent; preference is given to students with Japanese area studies coursework. Minimum GPA 3.0. Language courses in Japanese; area studies, social science, and humanities courses in English.

The Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies - KCJS 
Fall, spring, or full year.  Requires Japanese 206 or equivalent. Participants take 2 language courses and 2 discipline-based courses taught in English.

Waseda University (Tokyo)) *Early Deadline*
Spring (Feb-July) or full year (Sept-July). Wesleyan requires Japanese 104 or equivalent. Language and area studies courses. ANTH, ARHA, COMP, GOVT, Japanese Literature, Homestay


Yonsei University Undergraduate Program in International Studies (Seoul)
Fall, spring, or full year.  Wesleyan requires one year of college-level Korean or equivalent. Language, and courses in humanities and social sciences.\


Pitzer College in Nepal (Kathmandu) 
Fall or spring. Language, area studies, independent study. Includes home stay, trek, group project.

School for International Training - Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples (some travel to Tibet and/or Bhutan as conditions permit)
Fall or spring. Language, life and culture, independent study. Concentrates on history, politics, Buddhism, and Tibetan culture.


CIEE in Taipei
Fall, spring, or academic year.  Requires at least Chinese 104 or the equivalent, and 1 course on China. Language and regional studies. Best for EAST, CHIN, literature, and urban studies.