Policies Regarding General Chemistry Courses Taken at Other Institutions for Wesleyan Credit

 As Prerequisites for Organic Chemistry:

  • General chemistry courses taken at other institutions will usually satisfy the prerequisites for Organic Chemistry (CHEM 251) at Wesleyan.  Prerequisite override requests and related questions should be directed to the instructor of CHEM 251.

For Transfer of Credit:

  • The instructor of the equivalent Wesleyan course (CHEM141 or CHEM142 for Introductory Chemistry and CHEM251/252 for Organic Chemistry) for the current academic year must approve all transfer of credit requests.  Such approvals are solely at his/her discretion.
  • Permission should be requested before the course is taken.  The student should submit:
    • the "Permission to Transfer Credit From Another College or University" form available on the Dean's Office website (http://www.wesleyan.edu/deans/forms),
    • the syllabus for the course including the name and author (and edition, if relevant) of the text and the outline of the topical coverage of the course,
    • the total number of class hours involved and d)  the name and contact information for the course instructor.
  • The other institution must offer a chemistry major and the course must be a gateway course to the major.
  • For community colleges and other two-year institutions a grade of B+ or better is required for transfer credit.
  • Courses taken elsewhere may not be counted toward a chemistry major at Wesleyan (except by special petition to the Curriculum Committee of the Chemistry Department).