Chemical Physics Chemistry Seminars - Fall 2016
Mondays at 12:10 p.m. - Meets in Exley Science Center 58
Coordinated by Prof. Joseph L. Knee, Professor of Chemistry

Date Speaker Affiliation


October 24

Fall Break

October 31


November 7

Jake Fanthorpe

Physics Department  " Collisional Dynamics of Li2 + Ne in Highly Electronically Excited       States" 
November 14 Sudipta Lahiri  Mukerji Lab; joint with Physical Chem Seminar

"Elucidation of Structure-Function Relationship of S. cerevisiae MutS Homolog Msh4 and Msh5 with the Holliday Junction".

November 21

Nimesh Shukla

Physics Deptartment  "Retardation of Bulk Water Dynamics by Disaccharide Osmolytes".
November 28

Hamed Emamy

Starr Lab

 "DNA-linked Nanoparticles Cubic Diamond Superlattices: Stability and Shape"
December 5
Eric Arsenault Chemistry Department  “5/2 + 5/2 has never been so hard... Untangling the Hyperfine Structure of SiI2H2 due to the Presence of Two Iodine Nuclei".