Chemistry Department Colloquium - Spring 2017
Coorindated by Prof. Michelle L. Personick, Professor of Chemistry

This is a working schedule.

Hall-Atwater Laboratories 84 at 3:30 p.m. Coffee is served outside room 84 before the seminar and
refreshments are served afterwards in the Chemistry Lounge (Room 6, Hall-Atwater)

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Host
January 27  Prof. Steven Tait Indiana University, Bloomington

"Developing Chemistry Activity at Surfaces Through Molecular and Supramolecular Design.”

Prof. Michelle L. Personick
February 3  Prof. AnGayle Vasiliou   Middlebury College  "Thermal Decomposition Mechanisms of Sulfur Compounds" Prof. Michelle L. Personick
February 10  Prof. Katherine Mirica  Dartmouth College "Stimuli-Responsive Materials for Chemical Sensing and Microelectronics" Prof. Brian Northrop
February 17  Prof. Thomas Seery  University of Connecticut  “Growing Polymers on Surfaces” Prof. Michelle L. Personick
February 24 TBA
March 3 Prof. Charles Jakobsche Clark University: Carlson School of Chemistry and Biochemistry

"From Organic Synthesis to Chemical Biology"

Prof. Michael Calter
March 10  Prof. Maria Gomez

Mount Holyoke College

"The influence of acceptor dopant and other defects on proton conduction pathways in barium zirconate"

Prof. Erika  A. Taylor
March 31  Prof. Jennifer Koviach-Côté Bates College  "Automated Synthesis of O-Mannosylated ​Glycans" Prof. Erika A. Taylor
April 7

 Prof. Andreas Gahlmann


University of Virginia "Assembly and function of the bacterial type 3 secretion system – Insights from single-molecule microscopy" Prof. Stewart Novick
April 14  Prof. Gary Grubbs II Missouri University of Science & Technology "FTMW Spectroscopy and the Fundamentals of Nature: A window to bonding, structure, and chirality" Prof. Stewart Novick
April 21

Prof. Vince Ortiz

 Auburn University  

TBA Prof. Michael Frisch
April 28 Dr. Keith Fandrick  Boehringer Ingelheim  "TBA" Prof. Michael Calter
May 5