Seminars Organic-Inorganic Seminars - Wesleyan University

Organic-Inorganic Chemistry Seminars, Spring 2014
Wednesdays at 12:00 pm, Hall-Atwater 84

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
February 6 Tsagan Ednyasheva, Graduate Wesleyan University, Calter Group "Recent developments in the Catalytic, Asymmetric Construction of Phrroloindolines Bearing All-Carbon Quaternary Stereocenters."
February 18 Sarah Hensiek, BA/MA Wesleyan University, Westmoreland Group "The Synthesis and Characterization of Cyclen-Based Ligands and Associated Metal Complexes."
March 6 Umesh Choudhary, Graduate Wesleyan University, Northrop Group "Polymers with movable cross-links."
April 3 Prachiti Bhatawdekar, Gradaute Wesleyan University, Calter Group

"Catalytic C-C bond domino reactions."

April 17 Breanna Craft, Graduate Wesleyan University, Westmoreland Group

"Chemical mechanisms for pH-dependent relaxivities in a series of structurally related Mn(II) cyclen derivatives."

May 1 Roderick Coffey, Graduate Wesleyan University, Northrop Group


Practice talks are held the week before each presentation.