Wesleyan University

MA Graduates in Chemistry
Wesleyan graduates have an excellent record of obtaining first-rate academic and industrial positions.

Name Post-Graduation Position Wesleyan Mentor
Samuel Ahles  2013  TBA  Prof. Michael Calter
Anne-Marie Illsey  2013 

Masters of Divinity, Andover Newton Theological School

Prof. Erika Taylor
Noreen Nkosana  2013 

Chemistry Lab Technician, University of Connecticut

Prof. Erika Taylor
Robert Stolz  2013  Research Scientist, Dow 
Prof. Brian Northrop
Ling Xie  2013 


Prof. Erika Taylor
Nelson Zwane  2013 


Prof. T. David Westmoreland
Na Le Dang  2012 

Medical School 

Prof. David Beveridge
Boris Sheludko  2012  Graduate School  Prof. Albert Fry
Kenneth Song  2012  Korean Army  Prof. Philip Bolton
Elizabeth Wheatley  2012  Medical School  Prof. David Beveridge
Samuel Maritim  2011  Graduate School  Prof. T. D. Westmoreland
Matthew Sagotsky  2011  Chemistry Teacher  Prof. Al Fry
Justin Bours  2011  Ph.D. candidate in Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley  Prof. Al Fry
Elizabeth Susca  2011  Graduate School  Prof. Philip Bolton
Xiaoli Weng 2011  John Hopkins University  Prof. Irina Russu
Elizabeth Kolod  2010  St. Louis University, Medical School  Prof. Rex Pratt
Victor Scavera  2010  Research Assistant  Prof. T. D. Westmoreland
Kumar Sarkar  2010  Research Assistant, Harvard Medical School  Prof. Rex Pratt
Hilary Schreiber  2010  Georgetown University,Medical School  Prof. T. D. Westmoreland
Xin Liu  2010  TBA Prof. Mike Calter
Maxwell Loewinger  2010  Doctoral Student
California Institute of Technology
Prof. Mike Calter
Scott Horowitz  2009  Doctoral Student
University of Michigan, Biophysics Program
Prof. Irina M. Russu
Jonathan King  2009    Prof. Philip H. Bolton
Sameer Siddiqui  2009  Doctoral Student
Medical College of Wisconsin
Prof. T. D. Westmoreland
Hwinei Tavengwa  2009  Applying to Medical School  Prof. T. D. Westmoreland
Katrina R. Adams  2008  TBA Prof. Albert J. Fry
Scott D. Clarkson  2008  Chemistry Outsourcing Associate
Pfizer Inc.
Prof. Rex F. Pratt
Shinya Amano  2007  Doctoral Student
University of Massachusetts, Medical School
Prof. Rex F. Pratt
Yunting Luo  2007  Chemist at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center Research Institute in Tampa, Florida  Prof. Anne M. Baranger
Laura Vickers  2006  Medical School in New York  Prof. David L. Beveridge
Larisa Zueva  2005  Homemaker  Prof. Anne M. Baranger
Daniel Jones  2005  Traveling  Prof. Albert J. Fry
Glen Lindeke  2004  Analytical Chemist/Import Coordinator
Pfizer, Inc., CT
Prof. Rex F. Pratt
Yong Mo Ahn  2004  Returned to Korea, drafted into army   
Iva Trantcheva  2002  TBA  
Patricia Leach  2002  TBA Prof. T. D. Westmoreland
GeeSun Han  2002  Doctoral Student
University of Michigan
Kwame Okyne  2001  Sales
Cosa Instrument Corporation, NY
Paul Gordon  2001  Resident
Mass General Hospital, MA
Dukagjin Blakaj  2001  Medical Student
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Prof. Anne M. Baranger
Myron Allukian, III  2001  Medical Student
Brown University, RI
Michael Morrison  2000  Research Associate
Agmen, MA
Patricia DeSimone  2000  Patent Com, CT   
Kerry Cecere  1999  Scientist
Purdue Pharma, NJ
Prof. Anne M. Baranger
Jeremy N. Bernstein  1999  Research Chemist
Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Swarna Basu  1999   
Andre Pearson  1997  Chemist
Picower Institute
Prof. Rex F. Pratt
Aswin Dinakar  1997  Prof. David Beveridge
Chaowen Zheng  1996  Schein Pharmaceuticals, Inc.    
Jacob Swann  1996  Associate
McKinsey & Company, Russia
Leon Ptaszek  1996  Resident
Stanford University, CA
Joanne Grant  1995  Chemistry Teacher
Manchester Comm-Tech College, CT