College of Intigrative Sciences



Thursday, March 2, Noon-1pm, ESC 405
Prof. Stephen M. Gatesey, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Brown University
The Ins and Outs of Dinosaur Tracks: Animation, X-rays and Edward Hitchcock
Lunch will be provided.


Lectures Open to Everyone

March 3
1:20-2:40p, ESC113
Renee Sher, Physics
Terahertz Spectroscopy: Tracking Electron Movement in Solar Cells

March 10
1:20-2:40p, ESC113
Chris Chenier, CIS/Art & Art History 
Title TBA

March 30
11:50 - 1:10p, ESC58
Ethan Butler, University of Minnesota,
From Physics to Farms and Climate

March 30
Noon, SH107
Andrei Korostelev, University of Massachusetts, Medical School
Title TBA
Host: Michael Weir/Biophsyics

March 31
1:20-2:40p, ESC113
Seth Redfield, Astronomy
A Search for Life on Distant Worlds

April 7
1:20-2:40p, ESC113
Michelle Personick, Chemistry
Nanoparticles -- The Big Science of Small Materials

April 13
Noon, SH107
Brian Kelch, Dept of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Univ of Massachusetts Medical School
Title TBA
Host: Manju Hingorani

April 14
1:20-2:40p, ESC113
Dan Licata, Mathematics and Computer Science
Computer-Checked Programs and Proofs

April 20
11:50-1:10p, ESC58
Brian Stewart, Physics
Annual Earth Day Rant

April 27
Noon, SH107
Karen Fleming, John Hopkins University
Host: Ishita Mukerji

April 28
1:20-2:40p, ESC113

Ruth Johnson, Biology/CIS
Title: Creating a Functional Epithelial Organ

May 5
1:20-2:40p, ESC113
Ellen Thomas, College of Integrative Sciences