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VIII. Appendix C – Examples of CEC Relevant Courses

1. The Individual in Society

Anth 261, Native Sovereignty Politics (Kauanui)
Bio 318, Nature and Nurture: The Interplay of Genes and Environment (Sultan)
Chem 117, Human Biochemistry (Bolton)
Hist 237, Colonial America (Swinehart)
Phil 271, Moral Responsibility (Springer)
Psyc 220, Cognitive Psychology (Patalano)
Psy 259, Discovering the Person (Morawski)
Reli 391, Religion and the Social Construction of Race (McAlister)
Soc 302, Paternalism and Social Power (Cutler)

2. The Practice of Democracy

Govt 151, American Government and Politics (Dept.)
Govt 230, Political Communication (Lim)
Govt 232, Campaigns and Elections (Fowler)
Hist 240, The 20th Century United States (Dept.)
Hist 220, France Since 1870 (Greene)
Hist 291, The American Revolution (Swinehart)
Soc 250, Political Sociology, or What Does Democracy Look Like? (No prof listed)
Soc 260, Globalization, Democracy, and Social Change in the Americas (No prof listed)

3. Ethical Reasoning

Biol 118, Reproduction in the 21st Century (Grabel, Gruen)
E&ES 197, Introduction to Environmental Studies (Chernoff, Royer)
Econ 213, Economics of Wealth and Poverty (Rayack)
Govt 159, The Moral Basis of Politics (Schwartz)
Govt 398, What is the Good Life? (Chakravarti)
Phil 212, Introduction to Ethics (Springer)
Psyc 251, Psychopathology (Sanislow)
Psyc 329, Social, Cognitive, and Neural Costs of War (Sanislow)

4. Volunteerism and Activism

Bio 113, Service-learning Clinical Experience at CT Valley Hospital
E&ES 322/4, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Lab (Resor)
Film 170, Documentary Advocacy (Bricca)
Hist 383, History of Human Rights in Africa and the African Diaspora (Semley)
Reli 388, Socially Engaged Buddhism--East and West (Willis)
Soc 223, Gender and Social Movements (Clawson)
Soc 239, Sociology of Music in Social Movements (Rosenthal)

5. Education and Public Scholarship

Amst 205, Junior Colloquium: Topics in Historic Preservation: Marking the Past in Middletown (Milroy)
Chem241/2, Science Pedagogy for Elementary School Students (Westmoreland/Roberts)
Econ 222, Public Economics (Sheehan-Connor)
Film 140, Making the Science Documentary (Bricca/Hingorani/OConnell)
Psyc 355, Psychology of Reading (Juhasz)
Soc 263, Education and Inequality (Long)
Soc 264, Public Culture (Autry)
Thea 205, Prison Outreach Through Theater (Jenkins)

6. Civic Engagement in Cross-Cultural Perspective

Anth 207, Gender in a Transnational Perspective (Sharma)
Film 350, Contemporary International Art Cinema (Dombrowski)
Fren 305, Nomadic Islanders:  Contemporary Caribbean Diaspors and Identies (Leservot)
Govt 315, Understanding Civil Wars: Internal Conflicts and International Responses (Chenoweth)
Govt 355, Political Theory and Transitional Justice (Chakavarti)
Hist 267, Out of the Shtetl: Jews in Eastern Europe (Teter)
Hist 234, The Middle East in the 20th Century (Masters)
Reli 221, Islam and Muslim Cultures (Ahmad)