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Many students prefer to take their introductory year of Latin or Greek over the summer, which allows them to jump right into the intermediate level classes - classes which typically focus on the literature of a single author - when they return in the fall. Summer intensive language programs in Greek or Latin are offered by a number of institutions nationwide, so it is usually to find a program close to home, or in a city where Wesleyan students often choose to find summer work. Most are 6-8 week programs, which leaves the remainder of the summer to be devoted to other activities or internships. 

Through small grants from the Squiare Fund, the Wesleyan Classics department will offset tuition costs for any student who completes an approved summer intensive Greek or Latin program.
Learn more about the Squire fund here.

       Some Programs in Major Cities:

        Austin, TX   University of Texas at Austin  http://www.utexas.edu/cola/depts/classics/courses/Summer.php

Berkeley, CA Berkeley http://ucbclassics.dreamhosters.com/workshops/gk2012/GreekWorkshopHome.html

Boston, MA   Boston University    http://www.bu.edu/summer/courses/ancient-greek/

Chicago, IL   University of Chicago  https://summer.uchicago.edu/highschool/intensive-language-courses

Columbus, OH  The Ohio State University http://classics.osu.edu/summer-latin-workshop

Los Angeles, CA UCLA  http://www.summer.ucla.edu/Campus/generalInformation.htm

New York, NY   City University New York  http://web.gc.cuny.edu/lginst/          

Philadelphia, PA    University of Pennsylvania    http://www.sas.upenn.edu/summer/

Tuscon, AZ   University of Arizona http://classics.arizona.edu/node/351

Washington, D.C. Catholic University http://greeklatin.cua.edu/summer/index.cfm

For those with an intermediate or advanced background in Latin, the Paideia Institute in Rome offers a unique 5-week immersive experience, using Latin as a living language for conversation and daily interaction, while also visiting ancient sites in Rome and the surrounding region in Italy. 



For those looking to strengthen their classroom background in Classical Civilizations, there are a number of Universities which offer summer courses in classical archaeology, history and literature in translation. The Institutions listed above for summer language study are a good place to start - they each offer CCIV courses in addition to language study. Summer CCIV study can be especially useful for majors who are interested in writing a senior thesis or essay and want to acquire additional background in their subject area.

Interested in Classical Archaeology? Excavations run in the summertime and there are many fieldwork projects in the Mediterranean which accept student volunteers. Professor Birney brings students to excavate every year at the ancient port city of Ashkelon, Israel, which runs a 3- and 6- week archaeological field school for students with no prior archaeological experience (for details see the Wesleyan-at-Ashkelon website).  To find other programs in the Mediterranean, search the American Institute of Archaeology database here.