Clicker Information for Students (printer-friendly version)


Students enrolled in courses using clickers must purchase a clicker ($50, charged to your student account only, no cash transactions) through the Cardinal Technology Center (located in the Usdan Student Center). Clickers can be sold back to the Technology Center at any time for a $35 credit back to your student account (no cash transactions). Damaged clickers will not eligible for a refund.


You may share a clicker with another student, provided that you are not enrolled in the same course.


Register Your Clicker for Each Class

Once you have your clicker, you must register the clicker for each class you are in that is using them.  Do this through the “Course Registration” portion of your e-portfolio.  Some courses may not require you to register, therefore, you should verify what to do with your instructor.


For whatever reason, if you change clickers during the semester, you must update the registration information. Failure to do so may affect your grade if your professor is taking attendance with the clickers or counting points toward participation with the clickers.

Re-register Every Semester

Each new semester, you must re-register your clicker for any of your courses using clickers.


Clicker Maintenance

You are fully responsible for your clicker, including maintaining it in working condition. Batteries can be purchased through the Cardinal Technology Center. Each clicker uses two 2032 watch batteries, sold by the store for $0.75 each. If you feel your clicker is defective, you can exchange it through the store. Obviously damaged clickers and those with depleted batteries are not eligible for exchange.


Changing the Channel

The clickers use channel 41 by default. However, because the range of the clickers is 200 ft., nearby classes in session simultaneously must use different frequencies. Your instructor will inform you if you need to change the channel. Remember that you will have to change it back to 41 for other courses, unless otherwise noted.

To change the channel used by your clicker, do the following:

  1. Click and hold the GO button for a few seconds, then release. You should see the light blinking red and yellow.
  2. Next, click the numbers for the new channel, for example, for channel 42, press 4 then 2.
  3. Click the GO button again and the light should then go to green. If the light is not green, then channel has not been changed.


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