Setting up a Turningpoint Participant List


  1. Download the Clicker list from the Course Management Section of your Faculty Portfolio.
  2. Open the file in Excel and,
    1. Sort the file by ClickerID and delete all rows with no clickerID value (the system treats these as duplicates, so they must be removed)
    2. Use FileàSave As… to save the file as an Excel (xls) file.
  3. In Turningpoint, from the Participants drop-down menu, choose Participant List Wizard.



  1. Name your participant list (e.g., courseid_Sept102007), then click Next


  1. Select “Custom Template, then click Next

  1. Give your template a name, then click OK
  2. Using the right, left and up and down arrows, move the following fields from the left box to the right, and order them, top to bottom as shown here:


  1. Click Next, then Next again (unless you’re using groups)
  2. Click Finish.
  3. In the Participant Information window, select Excel/Delimited Text File from the Import menu


  1. Browse your system to find the downloaded and sorted clicker list. It will load in a window.
    1. Select “2” for Starting Row.
    2. Click the Import button

  1. Your imported list should look something like this.

  1. Click Done.
  2. Now, in the TurningPoint menu, select this new list from the Participants drop-down menu:

  1. Be sure to reset your session before starting your presentation.