Our team responsibilities encompass the entire Wesleyan Community, of approximately 2.9 million gross square feet and grounds. It includes new construction, major and minor maintenance and renovations of existing buildings, design and space planning, budget estimating and full project administration.


In 1998 Wesleyan completed a conceptual plan for campus renewal. The plan puts a premium on adapting and reusing existing spaces. More detailed planning work, followed by renovations, proceeded on individual projects that entailed preservation of historic buildings at the heart of the campus, including the Chapel, '92 Theater, and Clark Hall.

In September 2002, the University hired a master planner, Adam Gross ofAyers Saint Gross in Baltimore, to produce a design for integrating the projects described in the conceptual plan.

Individual projects were sequenced, so that renovations in one place would free space for adaptation in another. Timing of projects was also determined by their order in the sequence and by the success of fund-raising.

The list at the right includes projects we expect to complete during the next decade.

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Campus Master Plan Presentations

January 2003
February 2003
October 2003

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