Feet to the Fire

Feet to the Fire is a major undertaking on Wesleyan’s campus to examine critical environmental issues through multiple lenses, from science to art. The mission of the Feet to the Fire is to catalyze deeper understanding of environmental issues through the arts by focusing on the most urgent issues, stimulating innovative thinking and collaborations from multiple lenses, and galvanizing campus and community participation.

F2F is currently in a new phase of exploration. In the past, F2F programming included academic courses, artist commissions, and events that sought to educate and raise awareness for pressing environmental issues. Since it's conception in 2008, the robust culture of environmentalism at Wesleyan has developed to be even stronger. Student involvement in environmental groups is at an all time high, the College of the Environment is thriving, and the Sustainability Office spearheads multiple impactful projects a year. In this next phase, F2F will become the environmental culture creators on our campus and in our city. It will act as a hub that brings together people from Wesleyan and Middletown to collaborate in the creation of informal, interactive projects that develop deeper understanding of environmental topics through personal engagement and experience.

Some ideas that have been discussed in recent meetings have been in preparation for Earth Month and focus on encouraging students to reduce food waste in the dining halls and increase composting. F2F will assist the Sustainability Office interns and student groups in the creation of a number of informal and interactive projects that allow participants to engage with issues and brainstorm solutions. 

F2F's goal is to raise awareness of global environmental issues through the creation of artistic experiences that are created by the community, for the community because the arts are about doing and creating. F2F’s contribution to environmentalism is to create things that speak to people. Everyone can do this – artists, scientists, activists, and teachers. Let's use our creative muscle to engage issues and change action.


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