Connecticut Geology Illustrated

Stories Carved in Stone

Land Links to the Sound

The Coastal Drainage Basins


A workshop with exercises, sponsored by the

Geological and Natural History Survey of Connecticut

Environmental and Geographic Information Center

Department of Environmental Protection


Written by Kaye Sullivan and Nancy W. McHone

connec1connec2Funding provided by the Long Island Sound Fund administered by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), through the sale of Long Island Sound license plates and contributions.



This workbook was written for a five-day teacher training workshop in Connecticut. Some of the lessons apply to specific sites, others can be used in any appropriate place. To use the workbook, click on one of the following topics and that lesson will open. At the end of the lesson you can return to this page.


Down the Drain and into the Sound. How water moves through Connecticut's drainage basins

Observing with the Eyes of a Geologist. A field trip to Brett Woods in Fairfield with tips on what to observe in the field

Stream examination. How to measure and study the work of a stream.

Try the Stream Table Outdoors. No mess!

Water Pollution

Connecticut Rocks. Rock identification. Includes lessons for making "rocks" and weathering experiments

What happened to the rocks in Chatfield Hollow State Park? Bedrock and glacial features to be seen in the park

Granitic Rocks and Granite. These can be seen in Westwoods in Guilford.

Sleeping Giant State Park. Includes lessons on aquifer identification, porosity and permeability of sediments, as well as diabase and arkose.

What to Observe Where Water Meets the Land. Beach features and sand types.

Where did all of these rocks come from? Glacial boulders and moraines

Reading Rocks. Relative ages of rocks exercise

Sea Level Rise