Earth and Environmental Studies Scope

Responsible Organization
This collection of annotated URLs is housed at Wesleyan University.  Suzanne O'Connell, Associate Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences, is the editor of the collection.
The Collection is used in support of undergraduate education, both as a resource that faculty point students to directly, and as a faculty resource to manage links that they choose to use in a wide variety of Earth and Environmental Science courses.  Topics covered include Atmospheric Science, Environmental Science, Geology, Geophysics, Hydrology, Physical Geography and Physical Oceanography.
Collection Policy
All URLs are annotated both by the team of collectors, and by a science librarian. Links are checked automatically by a link checker on a regular basis to ensure that the materials pointed to are readily available. The collection contains links to materials from a broad range of environmental topics.
Contact Information
Questions about Content: Suzanne O'Connell,
Technical Contact: Project CuRL Development Team:
Terms of Use
Metadata Terms of Use: Metadata is copyrighted by Wesleyan University.
DLESE may modify, reformat and redistribute metadata to function within DLESE systems and services.
Resource Terms of Use:
All items may be freely used for non-commercial purposes. Commercial users should contact Wesleyan University for license information.
Quality Assurance
Resource Quality Assurance:
URLs are chosen for their quality and relevance by Earth and Environmental Studies faculty.
Metadata Quality Assurance:
Initial metadata records are created by faculty contributors to the database. Library staff later reviews and augments this metadata using Library of Congress Subject headings.
The Collection is hosted perpetually by Wesleyan University