East Department

Local Fellowships (for Wesleyan students only; supported by the FEAS Center and other sources)

Davenport Study Grants

For support of summer research in the social sciences

Summer Language Support

General Fellowships

Princeton in Asia

Internship program for recent graduates who want to teach/intern in East asia.

Gilman Scholarship

Scholarships for US students on financial aid.


Scholarship for study abroad Japan.


Competitive one year language scholarships for graduating seniors, mid-level professionals in East Asia, or academics.


Support for summer or semester study abroad. Note that for summer 2005, students applying for Freeman-Asia grants will be ineligible for most summer language support through the FEAS Center (on which see above).

David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarships

From the National Security Education Program. Mainly for full year, or summer and fall. Service requirement: within 3 years after graduating, must attempt to work for US Govm't (see website for specific agencies) for at least one year.

National Flagship Language Initiative Fellowships

NFLI programs have been developed at several U.S. institutions of higher education for advanced language training in Arabic, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian. Each program is designed to train participants to reach "professional working proficiency" in a target language. NFLI Fellowship recipients will incur a substantial U.S. federal service obligation as a condition of receiving an award. See website for details.


Note that many of these internship placement services charge up-front fees.

Nambu Foundation

Internships in Japan.

Alliances for Study Abroad and Internship in Thailand

Includes internship program in NGO/business/English for summer and year in Thailand.


Includes internship placement service in for China