Economics involves the study of social relationships pertaining to the production and allocation of the means of life. One branch, macroeconomics, addresses issues relating to the performance of the economy as a whole, such as economic growth, unemployment, and inflation, while the other, microeconomics, studies the relationships that comprise an economy, addressing problems of income and wealth inequality, corporate power, industrial performance and global trade, and financial flows. Students majoring in economics find that they acquire an excellent preparation for careers in academics, business, consulting, law, and government.


Branko Milanovic - Presidential Professors at the Graduate Centery City
University of New York and senior fellow at Luxembourg Income Study
Speaking on
"The Kuznets waves: explaing evolution of within-country
inequality over the very long-term"
Tuesday, April 14, 2015
in the Public Affair Center in Room 125 at 4:15pm