Applying for the Certificate

Students are strongly urged to consult with one of the supervising faculty as they develop their plans for fulfilling the requirements.

The Certificate in the Study of Education is awarded to students who complete six courses from an approved curriculum plus a hands-on teaching experience.  Successful candidates must earn either a grade of B or better in each course or maintain a B+ or better average for the seven courses used for the certificate.  The courses must include at least one course in each of the following categories: 1) Cognitive and psychological influences on learning and schooling; 2) Social and structural analyses of education; 3) Statistics; 4) Broader contexts; 5) In-school experience. The two additional courses should be chosen from those in categories 1 and/or 2.  The current list of courses in the approved curriculum is available at the certificate website (http://www.wesleyan.edu/cse/requirements.html).  The courses may be completed in any order consistent with their prerequisites.

There are two required steps for declaring the CSED and both must be completed before the certificate may be awarded.

1)  Declare the Certificate in the Study of Education through your electronic portfolio.  Navigate to EP>Student>Academic Career>Major Declaration.  On the pull-down menu for declaring a certificate select "Study of Education (CSED)" and click on "submit". It is best to do this as early as possible so that you can receive emails and updates about CSED from the supervising faculty that will help you with academic planning. 

2)  Submit the completed Application for the Certificate in the Study of Education, which is available as a fillable PDF file at this link. This certificate documents how you have completed the certificate. The application form will not be considered complete until it has been signed by both the applicant and the applicant’s academic advisor.  The deadline to submit a complete application with all supporting documents is the end of your last pre-registration planning period (i.e. the last pre-reg in which you are participating). The application materials may be submitted to any of the supervising faculty (see http://www.wesleyan.edu/cse/faculty.html for the current list).

NOTE: Students who do not complete Step 2 may have their declarations deleted. Completing the coursework is not sufficient; you must submit the application to one of the supervising faculty. 

Questions regarding the certificate, requirements, or the application procedures may be directed to any of the supervising faculty.

Please note that the Certificate in the Study of Education does not provide the course credentials for CT State Initial Educator Certification that are required for teaching positions in public schools.