Besides my work, I enjoy my family, all things Italian, music, Triumph and Volvo cars (but sold my little stable of 1800 ES cars) and life     

Favourite authors: John Fowles, Ernest Hemingway, Rebecca West     

Role models: none     

Ultimate goal in life: To get my picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone


Looks like a Triumph, drives like a tractor


Daphne (11 years) with Triumph (36 years)


Looks like a Ferrari, drives like a Volvo

And a diesel beetle to putter around in


More old wrecks (the cars, that is):  Our 1961 VW bug bi-colore and the Triumph during its frame-off restoration in San Diego, 1982.

Youthful years in  La Jolla, CA                                                    The Biting Belgian Shepherd Freya

Thirty years ago: young and restless

Dylan graduates from high school with honors, June 2004
Dylan graduation in 2004

Dylan the graduate and Daphne the high school kid, June 2004

Daphne and Dylan, 2004