Heavy metal contamination in Connecticut. Studies of dated marsh cores on abundances of Cu, Cr, Pb and Zn. Correlations with the industrial history of Connecticut. Radiogenic Pb isotope studies to trace the sources of Pb pollution.

Lead pollution in Chapman Pond, CT River

Wesleyan University BA senior thesis students: Donna McCready '83; John Brooks '84; Alison Gee '85; Stephen Scholand '90; Katie Meigs '99; Tabitha Zierzow '2002 (MA).

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Hg pollution
in and around Long Island Sound. A study of dated (210Pb, 137Cs and 14C) coastal salt marsh cores for Hg abundances, and grab and core samples from Long Island Sound (with Marilyn Buchholtz ten Brink & Ellen Mecray, USGS, Woods Hole, MA).

Wesleyan students: John Crocket ' 93;  Scott Herman, '98; Bill Thompson '99; Kate Lauriat 2001; Beth Goldoff' 2002, Rachel Bronsther, 2004.
MA students: Bart Kreulen '99
other student: Julia Lynton (Haverford College).

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