7. Studies of the occurrence, dynamics and geochemistry of crater lakes.
Study projects in Argentina (Volcan Copahue, with Daniel Delpino and Adriana Bermudez) and Indonesia (Keli Mutu, Wai Sano, Lake Batur, Lake Putih, with Terry Sriwana, VSI, Bandung, Indonesia). Volcan Copahue has a summit crater lake at 55 oC and pH=0.35 and fluids discharge from this summit region and feed a river system (Rio Agrio) which acidifies a large glacial lake, Lake Caviahue. We study the element fluxes, the rates and extent of acid water-rock interaction and time series of the lake composition as a volcano monitoring tool. The 3 Keli Mutu lakes on Flores have strongly different compositions and variable colours, and we investigate the basic descriptive chemistry, mineral saturation conditions and lake dynamics. We also developed a comprehensive energy budget model for crater lakes that provides insights into lake dynamics.  

Wesleyan University students that worked with me on crater lakes:
Stephen Scholand '92: Keli Mutu lakes, Indonesia; now a resident MD in Philadelphia
Gregory Pasternack '93: Keli Mutu lakes, Indonesia; now assistant professor at UC Davis, Dept. of Hydrology
Gary Mayberri '97: ashes from japan; now at the GVP, Smithsonian, Washington DC
Scott Herman '98:  Copahue volcano, Argentina, somewhere on the globe with ODP
Andy Ouimette '98-BA; 2000 MA; Copahue volcano, Argentina, now at USGS Menlo park, Volcano Hazards Division
Gabe Landes, 2001, Kathryn Flynn (2002) Copahue volcano.




The "Return of the Cinque Tenori", performing the 'Goldberg Ode' to Lake Bolsena in a 12th century church in Bolsena, Italy (September 2002).