The petrology of arc volcanics is an ongoing topic of investigation, with work in Nisyros, Copahue Volcano and Caviahue caldera, Argentina and new studies on the back arc volcanoes of S-Andes (Astrid Hesse, Jim Zarescki) and Indonesia.
Recent Students:
Adam Goss, 2001, currently a postdoctoral fellow student at the University of Florida, Gainesville
Matt Merrill, 2003, Petrology of Caviahue volcano, Argentina
Maarten deMoor, 2003, Petrology of Caviahue volcano, Argentina
Anna Colvin, 2004, Petrology of Riscos Bayos ignimbrites, Caviahue, Argentina
Astrid Hesse, 2007, Back arc volcanoes near Zapala, Argentina Jim Zarescki, Back arc volcanoes near Tromen, Argentina (2007 - ongoing)
James Rea, 2008-ongoing, Volcan Callaqui, Chile

Landsat image of Copahue and the Caviahue caldera.

Paper on petrology of Copahue volcano

Plot of Copahue rocks in Ti-V diagram, showing its intermediate position between the back-arc alkali basalts and arc rocks.

Olivine and clinopyroxene (5 mm) with opx+opaque inclusions in glassy groundmass.