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Johan C. Varekamp


I will be teaching Mineralogy and associated lab class during the fall of 2012. I plan to be on sabbatical during the spring of 2013 at the University of Bristol, Bristol, UK

Johan "Joop" C. Varekamp    
Harold T. Stearns Professor of Earth Science Office - Exley 451

Professor in Environmental Studies

Adjunct Professor in Latin American Studies

office tel: 860 685 2248

office fax: 860 685 3651

My research field is Geochemistry, with applications in a wide variety of geologic directions. Most of my work is analytical, with extensive field work for sample collection, and I make some diversions into modelling. I oversee facilities for the analyses of waters and rocks, including XRF (a new XRF is active at Wesleyan since summer 2011), XRD, ICP-AES (PE-Plasma400-currently broken, to be replaced in summer 2012 by a Leeman ICP-AES), IC (a 2001 Dionex 600), and Hg by dedicated AAS (including a 2002 Milestone Hg analyzer and PSA-Merlin fluorescence analyzer). The university maintains an SEM with analytical facility. We have a LICOR infra-red CO2 analyzer, which we are running for atmospheric CO2-monitoring and in experiments on CO2 absorption kinetics for my climate class. 

I have an interest in the application of the sciences in society and I was one of the initiators of the Environmental Studies Certificate Program at Wesleyan University, which has now evolved into the College for the Environment, headed by the Schumann Professor in Environmental Studies, Dr. Barry Chernoff.

I can usally be found in my office or labs, or at the coffee maker.  My favourite colleague and collaborator (and spouse) is Ellen Thomas; she moved in 2006 to the Center for the Study of Global Change at Yale University, New Haven, CT (http://ethomas.web.wesleyan.edu/)

Harold T. Stearns (Wesleyan class of '21) served for 16 years as the district geologist of the US Geological Survey in Hawaii. He wrote the book "Geology of the State of Hawaii" (1966, pp. 266, Pacific Books, Publishers, Palo Alto, CA) and later wrote "Memoirs of a Geologist - from poverty peak to piggery gulch" (1983, pp. 242, Hawaii Institute of Geophysics, HI). He donated generously to his alma mater and I am proud to have an endowed chair named in his honor.

My vitae can be found under JCV-CV and my link to Google Scholar is http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=g3hP-1EAAAAJ&hl=en

A list of publications by topic can be found under PUBLICATIONS.

AAAAch 5 rev JCV feb 18 no figs.doc cop mars


Slight diversions into Dutch history (Adriaen Block), and climate and beavers... (pdf file)

Summer 2012: ~2150 citations, h-index:27

November 2001, cover of Geology magazine from Copahue, Argentina

CVL workshop


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