For Fall Transfers (Entering September 2015)

2015-16 Application for Financial Aid and Deadlines



The Office of Financial Aid at Wesleyan University is committed to enabling the best qualified students to attend. Accordingly, Wesleyan's financial aid program awards assistance solely on the basis of financial need to US citizens and eligible non-citizens. No aid is based on academic merit, athletic ability or special talents.  Wesleyan does not "negotiate" financial aid, but does consider extenuating circumstances that may affect a family's ability to contribute to a Wesleyan education.

The full financial need of all undergraduate students, as determined by the Office of Financial Aid, is met with a combination of loans, part-time employment and grants. Wesleyan considers the financing of education expenses to be the responsibility of parents, up to the level of their ability to contribute. Thus parent financial information is the primary basis for the determination of need.

Once a student enrolls, continued support from parents is expected until graduation. Students who have supported themselves financially for a significant period of time prior to enrolling at Wesleyan may qualify for self-supporting status, exempting the reporting of parent information. However, students must have approval from the Office of Financial Aid prior to applying as self-supporting students.

Documents required to determine eligibility for assistance are listed below. Links have been provided to download forms in Adobe Acrobat format (when available) or connect the viewer to the appropriate application website.   

NOTE: Students that are admitted and indicate on their application that they will not be applying for financial aid or were not eligible to receive aid, not be considered for Wesleyan financial aid during their first two (2) semesters at Wesleyan (e.g. Fall 2015 and Spring 2016).
The Priority Deadline date for submission of all materials is:
April 15, 2015.

Priority dates for submitting all documents to their respective destinations are listed below:



Noncustodial Parent PROFILE(if applicable)


Signed 2014 Federal Tax Returns & W2s

Fall Transfer

April 1

April 1

April 1

April 15

Required Documents for US Citizens and Eligible Non-Citizens:

Estimating 2014 income information is acceptable.  Information will be reconciled upon receipt of 2014 1040.

(submit electronically) NOTE: the 2013-14 FAFSA will be available after January 1, 2015
Wesleyan's code number is 001424.

It is recommended that both applicant and parent obtain PIN numbers to sign the FAFSA. Electronic processing takes approximately 8-10 business days. Use income estimates if necessary, so you don't miss your priority date. Please plan accordingly.

Wesleyan recommends that you use the IRS Data Retrieval process in an effort to reduce additional documents. If you haven’t completed your taxes yet, you will not be able to use Data Retrieval until you do. However you can answer that you “will file” your taxes and you can still use estimates to answer the income questions and come back later to complete the Data Retrieval process. In the event that you have filed your federal tax return electronically at least two weeks prior to today or submitted your paper return 6-8 weeks prior to today, you may be eligible use the IRS Data Retrieval tool to pull your prior year tax information directly into your FAFSA. If you are applying to more than ten schools be sure to resubmit your Student Aid Report (FAFSA filing confirmation) with the additional institutions.

FAFSA Reject - Correction Required: If you have submitted your FAFSA, received your SAR (Student Aid Report) and must make corrections (ex. lack of parent and student signatures) please click here for further instructions.



(submit electronically)

Wesleyan's code number is 3959.

Electronic processing takes approximately 5 business days. Use income estimates if necessary, so you don’t miss your priority date. Please plan accordingly.

You will receive a CSS acknowledgement form once your application has been processed. Application corrections should be made on this form and submitted directly to Wesleyan. In lieu of the Profile explanation box, applicants are encouraged to submit dollar-specific details relative to any special circumstances that affect their ability to contribute to a Wesleyan education directly to the Financial Aid Office.

Families living abroad whose student is a US citizen or eligible non-citizen are asked to complete the Profile form as well. They should also forward a copy of their tax return(s) or verification of income with English translation directly to the Financial Aid Office.

Students applying only for Federal Aid (such as Federal Direct Loans) are not required to complete the ProfileTM .



(submit to IDOC)

The Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC) is a service of the CollegeBoard that Wesleyan University uses to collect all tax information and supplements associated with applying for financial aid.

Signed copies of the student's and parents' 2014 federal tax return including all schedules and W2 forms should be submitted.

*If you file for a tax extension or if your 2014 tax return will not be completed by the priority date, please submit the 2013 federal return and tax extension paperwork (if applicable) directly to the Office of Financial Aid.  Once completed please submit 2014 federal tax returns and W2s to IDOC.

The IDOC service now allows direct submission via the IDOC website (recommended) as well as submission via regular U.S. mail. Read the instructions carefully in order to avoid delays.  Click HERE to log in to IDOC.

Please Note:

  • If you are submitting IDOC through the recommended direct upload process please be sure to follow the instructions on the IDOC website. 
  • If you are submitting information to IDOC via regular mail please submit all supporting documents directly to the CollegeBoard as one complete packet accompanied by your personalized IDOC coversheet.  The IDOC coversheet is available for printing on the IDOC website. In the case of divorced or separated parents, you may submit your noncustodial parent tax information with your custodial household IDOC submission to the CollegeBoard. Alternatively, you may forward a separate copy of the IDOC coversheet to your noncustodial parent to be completed and submitted directly to the CollegeBoard with their tax information only. If you have additional documents after you mail your IDOC documents, we ask you mail these documents directly to our office.

Students applying only for Federal Aid are not required to submit 2014 federal tax return and W-2 documents.  




Wesleyan's Profile code is 3959


If biological/adoptive parents are divorced, separated, single or were never married, the CSS Noncustodial Profile and a copy of the noncustodial parent's 2014 federal tax return and W2 form(s).

*If the noncustodial parent files for a tax extension or if the 2014 tax return will not be completed by the priority date, please submit the 2013 federal return and tax extension paperwork (if applicable) to be followed by the 2014 federal tax return upon completion.

The CSS NCP Profile requirement is not initiated until the student completes the CSS Profile. Once completed, the College Board will send the student an email directing him/her to share the email with the noncustodial parent. The message will include:

  • A link to the website where the noncustodial parent will be required to login.
  • A pre-assigned login and password that must be used by the noncustodial parent the first time he or she accesses the site.
  • A message stating that the noncustodial parent will be required to change the pre-assigned password to access the application.

The student will also be given the option to request that the College Board send an email directly to the noncustodial parent. If the student selects this option, he or she will be asked to provide the noncustodial parent's email address.

Students applying only for Federal Aid are not required to complete the Noncustodial Parent ProfileTM, nor submit their 2014 federal tax return and W2 documents.



5. BUSINESS and/or FARM TAX RETURNS if applicable
(submit to IDOC)

If parents operate a business or farm, include a copy of the most recent partnership or corporate tax return.

Students applying only for Federal Aid are not required to submit the most recent partnership or corporate tax return.



(send to Wesleyan)

Student release form for guardians, counselors, etc. to discuss financial aid file. This form should be completed if you wish to allow someone other than your parent to contact us on your behalf. This form does not apply to persons who have submitted information on the FAFSA or CSS Profile or scholarship agencies.



(submit electronically)

Scholarships from outside sources must be reported to our office as they affect financial aid funding. Most students learn of these scholarships at high school graduation.

Students applying only for federal student aid (primarily Federal Direct Loans) are not required to complete the ProfileTM. 

After reviewing application materials, the Office of Financial Aid may determine that additional information is needed. The office will contact the applicant to request any additional documentation. 

As part of Wesleyan's effort to work in partnership with the student and his/her family, the best offer of financial assistance is provided in the initial award letter.  Requests for additional funding must be based upon special circumstances that were not provided with the original application.  These types of circumstances might include loss of employment, elder or medical care expenses.  Items such as home repairs, weddings, car/mortgage payments, credit card debt, etc. are not considered special circumstances.


The Military Veterans Endowed Scholarship Fund began in Fall 2008. 

Recipients will have no loans in the financial aid package and may graduate with $0 loan indebtedness for the time they are enrolled at Wesleyan. However, should assistance be needed to meet the Student Contribution, most students should be eligible to borrow through the low-cost federal Direct or Perkins loans programs.

Wesleyan is also proud to be a part of the Yellow Ribbon Program for qualifying veterans.

Please note:  due to budget constraints, we do not offer financial aid to international transfer applicants.

Report an outside Scholarship