Job Posting

Job Title: Postering Assistants; Campus: Three openings - Two campus routes, one downtown route)
Employer: Center for the Arts
Address: 283 Washington Terrace
Qualifications/Description: --Distribute weekly Center for the Arts posters/postcards throughout campus/downtown Middletown. --Deliver other flyers as needed throughout the week. Requirements: --Ability to meet deadlines of poster delivery and communicate clearly if there is an issue with an upcoming deadline. --Ability to work in a fast paced environment with a variety of people. --Posters are generally available to be put up on Friday afternoon; route must be completed no later than Sunday afternoon. How to Apply: Send cover letter and resume via e-mail to by Thursday, September 5, 2013. Available Fall Semester and Spring Semester. Preference given to candidates who can commit to the full year.
Department Hours: Hours/Week:
Start Date: Hourly Rate: $8.50-$9.50
Time Period:
Contact: Andrew Chatfield
E-mail for Interview:
Supervisor: Andrew Chatfield
Job Number: 77