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Job Title: Tutor - Traverse Square
Employer: Office of Community Service and Volunteerism
Address: 167 High Street
Qualifications/Description: The Traverse Square program runs Monday to Thursday, 4-6pm. Twenty-five to thirty children attend the program each day. Each day tutors provide children with academic support by helping them with their homework and implementing personalized study plans. Tutors are asked to commit to at least two day per week. You must have federal work study to be eligible for this position. All interested students (new and returning) MUST watch the mandatory OCS Employment webinar before working – all necessary information can be found at:
Department Hours: MON-FRI 8:30AM-5:00PM Hours/Week: Varies with program
Start Date: First Day of Classes Hourly Rate: $8.70 and up
E-mail for Interview:
Phone Number (call for interview if no e-mail address is listed:
Job Number: 169