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Job Title: Building Equipment Inventory Technician (2 Positions)
Employer: Facilities
Qualifications/Description: As part of an ongoing facilities department goal to capture all facility preventive maintenance requirements and asset improvements, the qualified individual for this position must work independently each day to quantify and inventory existing mechanical and electrical system equipment and assets in each building. The responsibilities will include but not be limited to the following: • Field inspect mechanical rooms and all other rooms in campus buildings to inventory existing mechanical and electrical equipment and system components. Document the various types of equipment in each space and identify manufacturer names, model #’s, unit designations, serial numbers and warranty information. Document equipment locations on floor plans of each building. • Identify units that require recurring maintenance tasks such as filter replacements, motor belt replacements, burner tune-ups, etc. • Interact and work with assigned trades staff as required to gather equipment information in spaces that are less accessible or in spaces that are restricted or off limits to unauthorized personnel. • Enter inspection data into PMDirect, a software program developed to create, assign and manage recurring maintenance tasks efficiently. The ideal individual for this position will have the ability to learn all required aspects of the software program as required to enter all gathered information. • Enter boiler equipment information into PMDirect for all woodframes on campus based on the most recent service ticket data. Field inspect locations and equipment designations to verify equipment model #’s. • Identify locations and systems currently being inspected by outside contractors like fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems and elevator maintenance. • Enter roof warranty data for all buildings on campus into PMDirect. • Document exterior envelope data for each building, i.e. brick masonry, brownstone, limestone, stucco, wood shakes, horizontal wood siding or vinyl siding. • Review existing facility assets to document improvements required and improvements made to assist with assessing and documenting the condition of each space. • Document and summarize all completed woodframe energy upgrades to include all locations that had new windows, insulation and energy efficient boilers installed. • Document and summarize all woodframe locations that received new flooring and locations that still require new flooring. • Document and summarize all woodframes that received new kitchen and bathroom renovations. Summarize locations that require new kitchens and bathrooms. • Document and summarize all porches that have been renovated and all that require renovation. The intent of this position is to help identify and inventory all serviceable mechanical and electrical equipment and all assets on campus. Once identified, the data will be entered into PMDirect, a preventive maintenance scheduling tool that will create, assign and manage the recurring maintenance tasks efficiently. In addition, the selected individual(s) will document and summarize maintenance, renovation and asset improvements that have occurred over the last several years to help with future planning and maintenance initiatives. The individual for this position must be able to work independently and with others as required to gather the pertinent information for each mechanical system and all building assets. Expected Qualifications: Experience or familiarity with building mechanical and electrical systems. Must be resourceful, a self learner, action oriented and an independent worker.
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Start Date: ASAP Hourly Rate: $8.25
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Contact: Steven Formica
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Supervisor: Steven Formica
Job Number: Summer24