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Job Title: Web Assistant (Social Psychology Network Intern)
Employer: Psychology
Address: Judd Hall
Qualifications/Description: If you’re interested in social psychology, social justice, and/or the web, and would like to serve as a paid intern doing web and research assistance, please email your resume and academic history to Prof. Scott Plous. Psychology and/or computer experience a plus. Must be reliable and punctual. Please confirm that you are work study eligible to Margaret Loomer before contacting Prof. Plous, at Margaret Loomer will forward applicants to Scott Plous
Department Hours: Hours/Week: 10
Start Date: 2013-14 Academic Year Hourly Rate: $9.00
Contact: Scott Plous
E-mail for Interview:
Phone Number (call for interview if no e-mail address is listed:
Supervisor: Scott Plous
Job Number: 33