Job Posting

Job Title: Dining Composting Assistant
Employer: Sustainability Office
Address: 237 High Street, 4th Floor (North College)
Qualifications/Description: The dining composting intern positions will require approximately 10 hours of paid time per week (shared by 2 interns). This position will be filled by students regardless of their work-study eligibility but will be restricted by the 5 hour per person per week maximum, 15-16 weeks/semester. At least one intern will need to return early during Orientation week to set up the composting programs and stay through Senior Week to finish collection. Students are expected to stay in the position for one year, with the option of extending the length of the position. The interns will report to Sustainability Coordinator Jen Kleindienst. Requirements: This position will require shared weekday morning and Sunday hours. Interns must be able to lift 50 lbs. They must also be at least 20 years old, have had a valid driver’s license for at least 3 years, and clean driving records. Once hired, the interns must attend Transportation Office driver training and Physical Plant electric vehicle training. Primary Responsibilities (work divided between 2 interns; hours listed are total per week): • Collect pre- and post-consumer food waste from Usdan and Summerfields on Sunday mornings and deliver to Long Lane, spinning the Earth Tubs and adding bulking material. (3-4 hours/week) o Pre-consumer food waste goes to Earth Tubs. o Post-consumer food waste goes to the Dainty compost dumpster. • Rinse pre- and post-consumer buckets at Usdan using the bucket wash station. Deep clean as needed. (15-30 minutes/day, M-F and Sunday) • Each Tuesday or Wednesday, add bulking material and turn the Earth Tubs (Residential Composting Interns will spin on Fridays). (1-2 hours/week) Secondary responsibilities (shared): • Collaborate with Bon Appetit and the Sustainability Office to reduce food waste and expand the post-consumer composting program. • Maintain the email address. • Advertise composting program and develop new signage and marketing as needed. o Develop at least one event to increase student participation in this program. • Work with SAGES’ Recycling Subcommittee to provide input on composting programs. • Assist 2 Pre-Consumer Composting Interns in other composting activities as needed. These may include emptying of the Earth Tubs, bucket distribution, and helping out in the event of illness. • Participate in other Sustainability Office programs and events as needed. These may include waste audits, Earth Month planning, orientation events, and tabling.
Department Hours: MON-FRI 830AM-5PM Hours/Week: 5
Start Date: 8/26/14 Hourly Rate: $9.15
Time Period:
Contact: Jen Kleindienst
E-mail for Interview:
Supervisor: Jen Kleindienst
Job Number: 25