Job Posting

Job Title: Student Ambassador for Red and Black Society
Employer: Wesleyan Fund
Address: 164 Mt. Vernon Street
Qualifications/Description: Red and Black Society student ambassadors contact alumni and parents and request support for the University. Red and Black ambassadors are often the only contact alumni have with the school during the year. As such, it is a unique opportunity to bond with Wesleyan grads, young and old, and for them to connect with you. This position allows students the opportunity to polish communication skills, post a coveted and marketable position on their resumés, and earn a recommendation from Wesleyan’s University Relations department. Upward mobility into a student managerial position is possible for qualifying ambassadors. As a Red and Black student ambassador, you will carry with you highly transferable skills that can assist you in future careers in non-profit work, sales, marketing, advertising, public relations and many other communications industries. With the bonus structure, the position of Red & Black student ambassador can be the highest paid student job on campus. Any student at Wesleyan can apply, work study and non-work study. However, this position requires a unique skill set of articulation and self-confidence over the phone. Keep in mind that this job is very competitive and there are limited spots available; both phone and personal interviews are possible. Candidates with drive, high-energy, a passion for Wesleyan, and the ability to be positive under pressure will be ideal. Information sessions for the Red and Black Society will be held the second week of classes. Keep an eye out for posters and an all-campus email!
Department Hours: Monday-Friday 830AM-500PM Hours/Week:
Start Date: September 2014 Hourly Rate: $8.70/hour + nightly/weekly bonuses
Contact: Brian Lee '13
E-mail for Interview:
Phone Number (call for interview if no e-mail address is listed:
Supervisor: Brian Lee
Job Number: 211