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Job Posting

Job Title: Data Entry Clerk
Employer: Wesleyan Fund
Address: 164 Mt. Vernon Street
Qualifications/Description: Qualification: Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. Ability to multitask, understands and follows oral and written instructions, ability to use the internet. Accuracy and attention to detail is strongly required. Must be able to work independently and maintain focus performing repetitive tasks. Responsibilities: Enter data from various source documents into the Millennium database, verifies accuracy of the input data, filing, scanning and copying. Other duties as required.
Department Hours: 8:30-5:00 Hours/Week: 8-12/week - additional hours available during the break
Start Date: ASAP Hourly Rate: $8.75
Contact: Ariel Marzouca-Jaunai
E-mail for Interview:
Phone Number (call for interview if no e-mail address is listed: 3713
Supervisor: Ariel Marzouca-Jaunai
Job Number: 213