Job Posting

Job Title: Barista Training/Barback Position at Espwesso
Employer: Wesleyan Student Assembly
Qualifications/Description: This is a training position that prepares you to work as a barista at Espwesso the following semester. Baristas at Espwesso are responsible for making drinks, taking suggested per-drink donations, and cleaning and maintaining the cafe space. As a barback, you will work one to two 9pm-11pm shifts a week. You will be working during our busy periods, at the same time as a barista, and will be responsible for working the register station, brewing drip coffee and anything else the barista needs so that they can make drinks as fast as possible. You will receive 3-5hrs of mandatory paid training from the cafe manager over the course of the semester. Satisfactory completion of a semester's work as a barback will make you eligible to become a barista, which will involve a raise and the requirement of working at least one 5 hour shift a week. We are actively seeking students who are willing to commit sustained time and energy to this cafe. Food-service – especially café – experience is a plus but not a requirement. If interested, please email Jasmine Masand ‘15 ( a resume and short answers to the following questions: 1 What days Sunday-Thursday are you available to work 9:00pm-11:00pm? 2 Describe your relationship with coffee. Why do you want to work at the cafe? 3 What other activities and organizations do you take part in during the school year? 4 Given free reign, what are some albums you'd listen to during your shift? 5 Tell us about something interesting or weird you’ve heard/read about this past week. 6 Use an experience to illustrate your ability to work in customer service and group environment. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? 7 Working at Espwesso, you may run into unforeseen problems. What skills or qualities will allow you to succeed and react when these situations inevitably arise?
Department Hours: Hours/Week: One to two 2 hr shifts per week this semester, One to two 5 hour shifts next year
Start Date: Hourly Rate: $8.50
Time Period:
Contact: Jasmine Masand
E-mail for Interview:
Supervisor: Lisa Hendrix
Job Number: 12106