The Office of Financial Aid at Wesleyan University is committed to enabling the best qualified students to attend. Accordingly, Wesleyan's financial aid program awards assistance solely on the basis of financial need to US citizens and eligible non-citizens. No aid is based on academic merit, athletic ability or special talents.  The full financial need of all undergraduate students, as determined by the Office of Financial Aid, is met with a combination of loans, part-time employment and grants. Wesleyan considers the financing of education expenses to be the responsibility of students and parents, up to the level of their ability to contribute, and thus parent financial information is the primary basis for the determination of need.  

For detailed information regarding the financial aid application process, review the information on the Applying for Financial Aid pages.

Financial Aid Checklists:

Spring 2017

Spring Transfer

Fall 2017

First Time Students - U.S. Citizens

First Time Students - DACA/Undocumented

International Students

Fall Transfer

Graduate Students

Spring 2018

Spring Transfer