Reporting Private Scholarship(s), State Grant or Employee Tuition Benefit

Wesleyan University Outside Scholarship Policy:

Outside scholarships and grants, including tuition remission benefits received as a result of a parent’s employment, are required by federal regulation to be considered a part of the financial aid award. Since Wesleyan’s policy is to meet the full financial need of a student, when Wesleyan becomes aware of outside scholarships, the student's aid award must be adjusted so that the total aid does not exceed need.

The University acknowledges the achievement of winners of merit-based outside scholarships by reducing self-help (loans or employment) dollar for dollar. Usually loans are decreased first, but at the student's request, Federal Work-Study may be reduced first. Merit based scholarships in excess of self-help will reduce Wesleyan gift-aid.
Awards not based on merit (such as employer tuition benefits) will reduce self-help only by the first $1500. All amounts over $1500 reduce Wesleyan gift-aid.
State grants will reduce Wesleyan gift-aid dollar for dollar.

(not applicable with state grants)