Home Renovation Loan Program

effective as of July 1st, 2004

The purpose of this Program is to provide low interest loans to faculty and staff who are not eligible for other low interest or equity loan programs to encourage residential home purchases adjacent to the Wesleyan campus.  click here to see map

The policy and procedures to follow in obtaining a home renovation loan are as follows:


If not eligible for a low interest loan, such as option #1 below, then Liberty will determine if the borrower is eligible to obtain a second mortgage from Liberty that can provide financing for the renovations.

If the renovations are done after the initial purchase of the home, then contact Liberty Bank to determine the financing options that are available. The options include: 

  1. Middletown Residential Rehabilitation Loan Program.

  2. A 2nd mortgage from Liberty.

  3. If options 1 or 2 are not feasible, the the borrower may be eligible to 
    obtain a loan under the new Wesleyan Home Renovation Program.

The contact persons at Liberty Bank are:

Laurie Nichols (main bank contact)
Liberty Bank
55 High Street, Middletown , CT   06457
Voice:  (860) 344-7314   Fax:  (860) 638-2962

David Slyne
Liberty Bank, 55 High Street, Middletown , CT 06457
Voice:  (860) 704-2122  Fax:  (860) 638-2962

Loan amount, rate and limits:

  1. Maximum loan f $20,000

  2. Maximum period of 10 years (no pre-payment penalty)

  3. Interest rate - Liberty Bank's most favorable fixed equity loan rate, no points.

  4. Eligible for only one loan at a time


  1. Check to see if you are eligible for other, existing mortgage, equity or loan programs,
    including Bank loans or State or Federal special programs (Liberty Bank will provide
    information and assess eligibility). Provide proof of first mortgage credit worthiness
    (Liberty Bank will assist in this effort). Provide plans for use of the funds. For example
    construction plans, contractor estimates or do-it-yourself estimates. If Liberty Bank
    determines that the only renovation program you are eligible for is the Wesleyan Home
    Renovation Program then contact Noreen Angeletti (685-3956) to apply for the Wesleyan loan.

Additional Information:

The loan will be secured by a promissory note, indicating that the loan will act as a second lien on the property.

Liberty Bank charges a non-refundable application processing fee of $40.00 for the Wesleyan Home Renovation Loan.

Once the loan is approved by the VP of Finance and Administration you will be required to sign a payroll deduction form since all mortgage payments are made through payroll deduction.