First Year Matters 2014

FYM:FTF The Age of Humankind

WELCOME Class of 2018!

Though your Wesleyan experience will get started on Arrival Day and the first two days of New Student Orientation, on Friday, August, 29th you will share in an experience many Wesleyan students before you have shared. 

Wesleyan's First Year Matters (FYM) program will focus this year on the anthropocene (the age of humans) and the influence and impact humans have had on the planet, and will begin over the summer with your completion of the common reading list.  The readings this year have been selected by those faculty who will present seminars in their area of scholarship. 

You will need to review all of the seminar offerings and choose the three which interest you most.  You will then need to complete to the Seminar Selection webform to tell us the seminars you are most interested in attending.  You will receive a reply by email indicating the the seminar you will be assigned and will be expected to complete the readings associated with that seminar during the summer; you can find the readings in the FYM Moodle page which you can access through your E-Portfolio.  You will have access to all of the readings and may choose to explore all of the topics, we encourage you to do so!

Once on campus, the FYM programming related to Orientation will unfold.  You will first attend the faculty presentation you have been assigned followed immediately by participating in a breakout discussion that will explore the issues related to the seminar and the the theme more generally incorporating the readings and the presentations as well your own beliefs and ideas.

Finally, you will participate in a culminating common experience.  The Common Moment will help demonstrate the exploration of the same issues through music and movement.  Led by artists from the Wesleyan community, this event has been a highlight of the Orientation program and this year promises to be no different.  You can see a video of the 2008 Common Moment below.