Common Reading List

The First Year Matters Common Reading will be specific to the Faculty Seminar you choose to attend. All of the readings will be posted in the Moodle Course page below the title and description of the seminar you can access the Moodle page through your E-Portfolio. Please be sure to complete the seminar selection web form and prepapre all of the material for the three of the seminars you list as your top choices. You will receive an email indicating which seminar you have been assigned.

The FYM Common Readings will be available through Moodle very soon! You will be able to access the electronic copies of these readings and find the links to any web sites through the FYM Moodle page once you log into your E-Portfolio; the course name is First Year Matters 2015. All of the seminars are listed on the course page so be sure you have selected the seminars you chose as your top three.  If you have any trouble viewing the readings through the FYM course page, please contact the Dean of Students Office.