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ARTS 617
Note: Special Schedule
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Music and Downtown New York, 1950-70
Charry,Eric S.

Special Schedule: Saturday & Sunday, January 14-15; class trip to NY on Sunday, January 22; Saturday, January 28; Saturday, February 11

Since the early 20th century, downtown New ... more

ARTS 618
To be announced
Japanese Woodblock Printmaking
This traditional art form, more than 1,000 years old, relies on hand-pressing techniques, watercolors, and rice paste. Quite distinct from Western printmaking traditions, it uses no oil-based inks or presses. ... more

ARTS 643
To be announced
The Changing Character of the Documentary Film
Since the very first films, of workers walking out of factories, the documentary film has continually changed in response to the time. What began as an experiment with technology has ... more

ARTS 661
To be announced
The Photographic Genre and the Personal
Grubb,Matthew S
This class will explore historical and contemporary photography through the lens of

the photographic genre, both through the practice of photographing and through

lectures on artists practicing in ... more


HUMS 608
To be announced
Voice and Story: Shaping a Narrative
Greene,Anne F.
This is a new course which will build on courses offered previously. A more detailed course description will follow. ... more

HUMS 619
To be announced
Crossing Genres/Hybrid Poetry: An Immersive Poetry Workshop
Bellen,Martine Rose
In the book-length poem One with Others, C.D. Wright investigates - by incorporating historical transcriptions, weather reports, newspaper headlines, memories, and other "stuff" - an explosive incident in the late ... more

HUMS 633
To be announced
World Literature
The last half of the 20th century has seen the establishment of a literary canon of classics from many places in the Third World: India, Africa, South America, and the ... more

HUMS 634
To be announced
Enlightenment to Modernism: British Literature, 1780-1914
Weiner,Stephanie Kuduk
This course offers an introduction to modern British literature and culture, with an emphasis on the ways in which literary form responds to and shapes the movements of history. We ... more


MTHS 622
To be announced
Graph Theory with Applications
Collins,Karen L.
A graph is a set, called a vertex set, along with a collection of unordered pairs of vertices, called edges. Because the definition of a graph is so simple, graphs ... more


SCIE 614
To be announced
Emotions: Motivation and Development
Emotions have been described as reflecting the "wisdom of the ages" because of their biologically-rooted communicative and motivational importance. Emotions help prepare us for different courses of action - whether ... more

SCIE 619
To be announced
Biology of Mammals
Studying the biology of non-marine mammals, we will focus on those inhabiting northeastern North America. We examine the lives of familiar mammals such as bears, coyotes, and moose, as well ... more

SCIE 681
To be announced
Recent Advances in Biotechnology
McAlear,Michael A.
Progress in the molecular biosciences continues to accelerate at an ever-increasing pace at the same time that it touches more and more aspects of everyday life. In this course we ... more

Social Sciences

SOCS 624
To be announced
Lives in School
What can we learn about education in the contemporary U.S. by looking closely at the stories people tell about their schooling? Do you believe that most people have had generally ... more

SOCS 667
To be announced
American Political Development
This course introduces students to a scholarship and a method of analysis that melds the historical with the institutional, applied to understanding the evolving state/society relationship in American political life. ... more

SOCS 675
To be announced
The Religious Worlds of Gandhi
Gottschalk,Peter S.
For Westerners, Mohandas Gandhi - the "Mahatma" or great soul - so eclipsed his contemporaries that Indian history of his time seems practically defined by him. However, Gandhi arose in, ... more


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