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Commencement 2012

Wesleyan conferred 13 PhD degrees and 23 Master of Arts degrees on May 27, 2012. 

Wesleyan Commencement 2012
Degree Recipients


Vincenzo Cambria, Ethnomusicology
Anthony Paul Davis, Chemistry
Ian Micah Eagleson, Ethnomusicology
Noélle Danielle Germain, Biology
Lorry Marie Grady, MB & B
Glenn R. Henshaw, Mathematics
Amelia Kay Ingram, Ethnomusicology
Shabnam Khalighi Monfared, Physics
Peri Alexandra Mason, Biology
Tina Motwani, MB & B
Junko Oba, Ethnomusicology
Upasna Sharma, MB & B
Susantha Wijesinghe Wijesinghe Arachchilage, Physics


Taylor Just Burton, Music
Holly Larson Capelo, Astronomy
Stephanie Choi, Music
Maegan Alexandra Tze Shen Houang, Film Studies
Maho Amy Ishiguro, Music
Dara Sholl Jaffe, Film Studies
Isaac Harry Lichter-Marck, Biology
Ellen Jean Lueck, Music
Sarah Sabrine Moustafa, MB & B
Rosemary Elizabeth Ostfeld, E & ES
Néstor Luis Prieto Uztariz, Music
Daniel Alfred Primich, Biology
Christopher Thomas Riggs, Music
Jakob A. Schaeffer, Astronomy
Heidi Aklaseaq Senungetuk, Music
Boris Sheludko, Chemistry
Kenneth Song, MB & B
Elizabeth Catherine Susca, Chemistry
Leslie Xiao Ting Tan, Psychology
Maxwell Dillon Tfirn, Music
Kevin Chad Walker, Music
Elizabeth Grace Wheatley, Chemistry
David Andrew Victor White, Computer Science

Commencement Reception and Rehearsal

David White and Mom
David White, MA with his mother
Maho Ishiguro, MA, Stephanie Choi, MA

Heidi Senungetuk, MA, Barb Schukoske,
Tina Motwani, PhD

Family and Friends
Sarah Moustafa, MA, (right)
Noelle and Upasna
Noelle Germain, PhD, Upasna Sharma, PhD                               
Assembly on Foss Hill
Assembly on Foss Hill
Nestor and Amy
Nestor Prieto, MA,  Amy Ingram, PhD
Masters and PhDs ready for the Procession

Commencement Ceremony 2012

Lining up for the procession
Anthony Davis PhD
Anthony Davis, PhD
Amy and Shabnam
Amy Ingram, PhD, Shabnam Monfared, PhD

Junko Oba
Junko Oba, PhD

Peri Mason
Peri Mason, PhD
Tina and Upasna
Tina Motwani, PhD, Upasna Sharma, PhD
PhD Seated
Seated at the Ceremony

Tina Motwani, PhD