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Graduate Judicial Board

Upon arrival on campus, graduate students sign an agreement to abide by Wesleyan’s Honor Code and Code of Non-Academic Conduct. The Graduate Judicial Board (GJB) is responsible for adjudicating alleged violations of these codes by a Wesleyan graduate student. The GJB is comprised of five graduate students, and is overseen and advised by one faculty member of the Graduate Council, the Director of Graduate Studies and the Director of Graduate Student Services.

Mission Statement

As an essential element of student governance, the Graduate Judicial Board exists to uphold the standards of the Wesleyan Community by providing equitable and unbiased peer adjudication of alleged student violations of the Code of Non-Academic Conduct. The Board seeks to respond constructively, fairly, and effectively to alleged violations. In order to do so, the Board makes every effort to respond to all cases in a timely manner, to ensure that all students are aware of their rights within the judicial process, and to protect those rights. The Board strives to deal with cases in a manner that is conducive to a student’s personal growth and accountability to the Wesleyan Community.

Wesleyan’s Honor Code

Wesleyan’s Code of Non-Academic Conduct

Regulations of and Judicial Process for the Graduate Judicial Board

Graduate Judicial Board 2013-2014

Voting Membership shall consist of five grad students, each serving a one year term. Advisory Membership is made up of one faculty member serving a two-year term, and the DGS and DGSS each serving ex officio.

Graduate Student Members

Stephen Frayne, Chem PhD                         

Nathan Friedman, Music MA                          

Bonita Graham, Math PhD                          

Sarah Hensiek, Chem BA/MA                                   

Sudipta Lahiri, MB&B PhD                        

Bharat Lakhani, MB&B PhD                        

Chelsea Lassiter, Biology PhD                      

Brittany Long, Chem PhD                         

Daniel Obenchain, Chem PhD                   

Brett Smith, Math PhD                         

Faculty and Administrative Advisors

Constance Leidy                  Associate Professor of Mathematics

William Herbst                     Director of Graduate Studies and Professor of Astronomy      

Cheryl-Ann Hagner              Director of Graduate Student Services 

Graduate Judicial Board Process Advisors

When charges are filed against a student, there are several possible options for disposing of the case. For some students, the entire process of appearing before the Graduate Judicial Board (GJB) can be upsetting and somewhat confusing. Process advisors have been trained on Wesleyan's peer-based judicial system, and are available as advisors to students who have had charges filed against them. Process advisors will not function as "legal counsel" for the student, but will serve as informational resources as the student navigates the system.

Laura Grabel
Professor of Biology

Jacob Herman
PhD, Biology

Kyle Throssell
PhD, Chemistry