Cookie Quiñones
After School Supervisor

Cookie Quiñones has been a member of the Green Street Arts Center community since its very inception.  Believing in the power of the arts and education to help children create achievable ambitions for themselves, Cookie is a powerful advocate for the After School program.  Her own artistic passions include jewelry making, craft projects, and interior decorating.  Her responsibilities at Green Street include being the primary contact for parents, classroom management, group arts activities planning and implementation, and arts effectiveness review.  She is a past president of the community-organizing group NEAT (North End Action Team), and has also served as a member of the Middletown Adult Education Student Advisory Board.  She was previously an eighteen-year employee of Lake Grove Juvenile Behavioral and Handicap Facility. Mrs. Quiñones brings to Green Street a rare combination of behavioral management, community outreach and artistic skills.