Health Services

Insurance Billing

Students with University-sponsored insurance (Gallagher Koster) will have all visits and services covered at 100% (excluding over the counter medications and supplies not billable to insurance).

Begining fall semester 2013, the Health Center will begin billing private insurance directly for visits and services (excluding medications and supplies not billable to insurance).  If a claim is denied, only services with a fee will be charged directly to the student account.

Students wishing to pay for out of pocket for services in lieu of filing insurance will be charged a $15 service fee, which will go directly to the student account along with any other fees encountered for the visit.

Laboratory testing services will continue to be sent to Quest or Lab Corp and insurance will be billed directly from the reference lab and not the Davison Health Center.

Insurance questions should be directed to Joyce Walter, Director of the Davison Health Center at 860-685-2656 or

Graduating Seniors - Class of 2014 - PLEASE NOTE:

It is university policy that seniors cannot charge to their student account after classes end for the spring semester.  Seniors with private insurance who receive “in-house” services with a fee (see below) at the Davison Health Center (DHC) will have charges go directly to their student account from March 3 to May 7.  Private insurance will not be billed for these specific services during this time since reimbursement claims may not arrive for reconciliation by graduation.  After May 7 seniors will need to pay cash or check for in-house services as done in past years. Visits will continue to be billed directly to insurance until the end of the semester. Please note: This policy does not apply to students with Gallagher Koster student insurance.

Laboratory testing sent to directly to Quest or Lab Corp will continue to be billed through private and student insurance for the duration of the semester. 

Students with private insurance who would like to file their own claim for reimbursement should ask for a statement of services rendered for in-house testing.

Please speak with your DHC healthcare provider at the time of visit if you have any questions.  Please note that all charges to student accounts are recorded as miscellaneous health center fees.

In-House Charges:

Mono Test = $10
Strep Test = $10
Urine Pregnancy = $10
Urine dipstick = $9
Allergy Shots = $10
Immunizations = $10-$70+