Insurance Billing

General info:

Students with University-sponsored insurance (Aetna insurance through Gallagher Student Health) will have all visits and services at the Health Center covered at 100% (excluding supplies not billable to insurance such as over the counter medication. Generic prescription medications have a $5.00 copay charged directly to the student account).

The Health Center bills private insurance directly for visits and services (excluding medications and supplies not billable to insurance).  If a claim is denied, only services with a fee will be charged directly to the student account.

Students wishing to pay for out of pocket for services in lieu of filing insurance for a particular service will be charged a $15 service fee, which will go directly to the student account along with any other fees encountered for the visit.

Laboratory testing specimens will be sent to Quest Diagnostics and insurance will be billed directly from the reference lab and not the Davison Health Center.

Insurance questions should be directed to Joyce Walter, Director of the Davison Health Center at 860-685-2656 or