Health Insurance Options for Graduating Seniors

Seniors enrolled in the university-sponsored Aetna plan through Gallagher Student Health will have coverage until August 11, 2015.  Seniors with private insurance should check with insurance company to determine when your existing plan ends as some policies cease when you are no longer a full-time student or attain a certain age.

Toolkit for Students Provides Information on Health Insurance and the New Health Care Reform Law

Young Invincibles, a national organization representing the interests of young Americans between the ages of 18 and 34, has developed the Getting Covered Campaign to inform young adults and their families about dependent coverage, the provision in the new health care law that allows young adults to stay on their parent's plan until age 26. 

Now available through the campaign is a free Graduation Toolkit that provides your students with information on how the new health care law works and helps them access insurance and care.  

A toolkit is available for each state and includes information for students such as:

  • How to stay on or go back on their parent's plan up to age 26
  • What to look for when buying individual insurance including key insurance terms
  • What students should know if they have a pre-existing or chronic condition
  • What government insurance programs, such as Medicaid, might be available in each state
  • Where to find local community health centers
  • What students need to know about the new health care law
  • What young woman should look for
  • Facts on young adults and cancer


You have options if you need your own short-term medical insurance and/or need to wait until employment to have coverage.  Gallagher Insurance offers a multitude of options based on type of plan you select (deductible and length of coverage). 

To obtain an instant quote and enroll online, please click on the link below.

Questions?? Contact Gallagher at 800-499-5062


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