Health Services

PLAN B Information

The Davison Health Center continues to honor its commitment to provide comprehensive health care to our students.  We provide Plan B to aid in the prevention of pregnancy.   Student 18 years and older can pick up Plan B over the counter at Davison Health Center (DHC) for $22.00 per pack.  Students 17 years or younger will need to make an appointment for Plan B as it needs to be prescribed and not accessible over the counter.

Plan B is safe in almost all circumstances; however it must be given in a timely fashion.

  • To be MOST effective Plan B should be given within 72 hours of a single episode of unprotected intercourse. Research has demonstrated that it can be given up to 5 days from an episode of unprotected intercourse, but is more effective the earlier it is taken. 
  • Davison Health Center is open on Saturdays from 10am-2pm for students needing Plan B over the weekend.  Although DHC is closed on Sundays, students can pick up Plan B on Monday mornings beginning at 9am and still be within the window of Plan B's coverage. 
  • Rite Aid and other local pharmacies also carry Plan B and are open on Sundays.

For detailed information about Plan B and Health Center guidelines, please click here.