Sexual Assault

The First 72 Hours

The immediate aftermath of a sexual assault  [Read more]

Need Someone to Confide In?

Help and support is available for students who want to talk in detail about their assault, but is not sure if they are ready to report to the University.  [Read more]

Other sources of support

Guidance and advice for students who are not entirely sure if they are ready to file a formal report (with either the University or the Police)

  • Davison Health Center is available for sexual assault follow-up including STI treatment/prevention, and pregnancy prevention.  The Health Center is open six days a week, and a physician is on call 24/7 while classes are in session.  All fees for serviices, including testing, and treatment is waived in the event of a sexual assault.  The Health Center does not administer a rape kit nore collect evidence for prosecution.  A student who may be interested in pursuing legal prosecution is encouraged to seek care at the Middlesex Hospital Emergency Department.
  • A student might choose to talk to a member of the community who is not a confidential reporter, such as an RA or area coordinator, a student activities staff member, a faculty member, the SART intern, or a class dean. These members of the community are all mandatory reporters. A mandatory reporter must file a report to the University (through different channels depending on the department), and if identifying details are used in that report, judiciary action might be necessary.
  • A student who is deciding whether to make a formal report to the University should talk to the SART intern, any member of the SART team, or Dean Rick Culliton or Scott Backer about the process of reporting. Because these people fall into the category of mandatory reporters, it is important to first ask what each individual’s personal reporting responsibilities are in regards to how much information you can disclose.
  • You may also file a confidential crime report through the Office of Public Safety. Because identifying information is not included in this type of report, Public Safety cannot investigate the incident and there cannot be formal judicial follow-up by the University.

Consider Making a Formal Report

Public Safety and counselors from the Women and Family Center can assist students with filing a report to the police.  In cases where the incident is reported to both the police and the University, the police investigation is normally done first with the assistance of university resources.  [Read more]